George Manson: The Leisure Book

George Manson

30 May // Mai – 8 July // Gorffennaf 2016

The latest exhibition at Oriel Blodau Bach is by George Manson – The Leisure Book . The Greatest Hits . Oriel Blodau Bach Edition 2016.


“I’m excited to be showing my art at Oriel Blodau Bach. Here I am holdin it.”

Oriel Blodau Bach has been lucky enough this summer to be hosting the work of Cardiff based artist George Manson. George used the opportunity to create a best of edition of his Leisure Book series in which he combines drawings and short stories. The work has its roots in a love of the absurd and the silly and Manson’s stories range through an alternate universe of lovable and deranged characters.

The news sheet style piece was different to any of the work we’ve had so far and took the idea of the gallery which is an ex notice board in a small village in west Wales and turned it on its head. Using the space which would once have housed local notices and information instead as a mouthpiece for the artist’s own bulletin style notices of the unusual and the wonderful was a great juxtaposition of the strange with the potentially mundane setting of the village noticeboard.

You can find out more about George at his website


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