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Artist living and working in west Wales

Kathryn Campbell Dodd

21 June // Mehefin – 17 August // Awst 2019

Midsummer Clootie (for Clare): Write me one beautiful sentence…

In Scots a ‘clootie’ is a strip of cloth or rag and a ‘clootie well’ is a holy well or spring, usually with a tree growing beside it, where strips of cloth, rag or pieces of clothing are tied in the branches of the tree in a votive gesture of healing.

“‘Midsummer Clootie (for Clare): Write me one beautiful sentence…’ was made in remembrance of my friend and sometime colleague, artist Clare Thornton, who died in April 2019.”

Kathryn Campbell Dodd


Jacqueline Jones

6 May // Mai – 14 June // Mehefin 2019

Jacqueline Jones is originally from Ceredigion and now based in the welsh valleys. Her work is figurative and concerned with deepening the mystery. She explores the concept of what was, and what is. How our interpratation of place and time becomes an abstract concept.  Places imagined to be there, that perhaps never where, or places that existed but only abstractions remain in memory. She is fascinated by how our perception of our environment is digested in the contemporaneous now.

Selected shows:

Tate Oil Tanks Tweet Me Up 2012  RCA By Invitation curated by Shani Rhys James 2015 Mostyn group show 2019  MOMA Welsh Group 2019  Bath Open Exhibition 2019.

We are showing two paintings from Jacqueline in an exhibition of two parts.


Laura Edmunds

I grow your bones

25 March // Mawrth – 3 May // Mai 2019

Laura Edmunds is an artist currently based at studio b in Cardiff, after having lived in England and Western Australia. Edmunds’ work focuses on the body in relation to death, loss, disappearance and things without edges. Opposing (and seemingly conflicting) points of concern are the conversations between material/immaterial and visible/invisible – manifesting itself as sound, print, drawing, painting and textiles.

Recent projects include Mouth at Oriel Mwldan (Cardigan), A Soft Introduction at Paper Mountain (Australia, 2018) and Ocean Studios (Plymouth, 2017), Lung Volumes at Cool Change Contemporary (Australia).

Materials: Earthenware, silk, canvas, oil paint, board, waxed teabag paper, air dry clay.

Laura Edmunds

Hannah M Morris

Wela’i di, Bis bald

11 February // Chwefror – 22 March // Mawrth 2019

Hannah M Morris is an artist from Cardiff who has recently relocated to Germany.

‘Wela’i di, Bis bald’ is a print of a found image, marking this significant change in her life.

She works with paper – print and collage – to express an anxious inner monologue. The images represent a personal vocabulary, a half-articulated communication.

Hannah participated in g39’s 2018 residency programme UNIT(e), producing film, collage and site-specific vinyls.

Other recent shows include Nightswimming at Mission Gallery and Cut & Stick with Anna Rogers at Ollie Quinn.

Hannah M Morris


Philippa Brown

31 December // Rhagfyr 2018 – 8 February // Chwefror 2019

Philippa Brown is an interdisciplinary artist based in Cardiff and is currently studying for an MFA at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

Her current work explores the use of symbolism and different methods of documenting behaviour and actions to explore how women are represented and in the sculptural possibilities and relationships between objects, body and space.

As Above, So Below. Photographic print and tape 88cm x 70cm, 2018

Philippa Brown


Emily Laurens

19 November // Tachwedd – 28 December // Rhagfyr 2018

RemembranceDay for Lost Species, November 30th, is a chance each year to explore the stories of species, cultures and habitats driven extinct by unjust power structures and exploitation, past and ongoing.

It emphasises that this Sixth Mass Extinction is rooted in violent, racist and discriminatory economic and political practices. It provides an opportunity for people to renew commitments to all that remains, and supports the development of creative and practical tools of resistance.

2018 is the 250 year anniversary of the extinction of Steller’s sea cow.

Steller’s sea cow was first seen by Europeans in 1741 in the Bering Sea between Alaska and Russia. It was massive reaching lengths of up to 9m dwarfing its closest living relative – the dugong. It fed on kelp and communicated with sighs and snorts. Evidence suggests it was monogamous and sociable living in small family groups. Within 27 years of its discovery by Europeans, the slow-moving and easily caught mammal was hunted into extinction.

Emily Laurens, co-director of Feral Theatre and co-founder of Remembrance Day for Lost Species, is a multi-disciplinary artist based in West Wales.


Absent but not Forgotten

8 October // Hydref – 16 November // Tachwedd 2018

Something Strange in The Neighbourhood

Absent But Not Forgotten is an ongoing, experimental art project formed in 2010 by west Wales artists, Kathryn Campbell Dodd and Jacob Whittaker.  

“Our work explores and alludes to ideas of the paranormal, ghost hunting and the propensity to search for supernatural explanations to unexpected and unexplained phenomena. We are also interested in the associations, clichés and influences of TV and films on these issues.

As we head into the Halloween season, this new work for Oriel Blodau Bach proposes a series of seemingly simple questions to viewers to provoke thoughts about concepts of death, the afterlife and the nature of ghosts and our belief (or not) in them.  

Through a series of posters the viewer is asked to consider the idea of ‘ghosts’, and how they exist in their personal belief systems.”

You are invited to tweet your responses and tag @ABNF13

Absent but not Forgotten