Present // Presennol

Graham Jones

19 October // Hydref – 7 December // Rhagfyr


Cardiff based painter Graham Jones produces works that aspire to being objects in the real world rather than being a carrier of narratives outside of the process of painting. Using material from “high” and commercial art – oil paint on hand cut foamboard, the works shuttle between the bespoke and the ubiquitous, playing with the idea of being a thing, whilst implicitly celebrating its own contrivance and artificiality.

Recent work has focussed on how a particular aesthetic arises from a functional manufacturing process: abstract, often geometric patterns ostensibly contrived to serve a practical purpose, often overlooked on an aesthetic level, being so bound to their practical role – the tread on the sole of a shoe, holes in a ventilation grill, the rounded corners of a credit card, grouting between tiles, the rubber grip of a hammer…

The ubiquitous Welsh blanket design owes its appearance, in part, to its manufacturing process but has transcended its purely aesthetic design, whereby a collection of abstract geometric units no longer work just as a relational pattern but produce a narrative symbol that can be recognised and “read” in an instant,

Whilst still adhering to the conventions of nonrepresentational painting, “IDENTIKIT” re-presents the individual components of the Welsh blanket in the form of a DIY model kit, where, even though we are bound by pre-existing designs, we are imaginatively free to reappropriate and recompose.

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