Present // Presennol

Jonathan Powell

16 July // Gorffennaf – 24 August // Awst 2018

Jonathan Powell is a Swansea based artist who works primarily in painting and drawing. He is also a director and curator of elysium gallery, Swansea that oversees local and international exhibitions which promote emerging and established artists. elysium gallery also provides studios for 100+ artists over three venues in Swansea City Centre. Jonathan is also the founder and continues to run the Beep Painting Prize Biennial.

“Building and destruction, both the subject matter and the painting process is a major part of my painting practice.

Imagined spaces and place; painted from a starting point of not knowing where the painting is heading. Forms and mythograms that float in my imagination and present the viewer with topography of mind. The character of this topography is pervaded by a sense of dereliction. In the paintings, bitumen is used to corrupt the oil paint; the eternal purity of colour encounters the corrosive chemistry of decay. While colour in its self does not die, it nonetheless vanishes and re-appears like a spirit.

Landing 2 & 3 are paint sketches towards an untitled science fiction film in painting. These are 2 of a large number of panels that depict the landing, the corruption and destruction of an alien landscape.